About Us

Our story


For a while now we have spent time reflecting on life, the uncertainty of recent years and what it means for us and others, especially our friends and family.


It has become clear to us the importance that nature plays on our wellbeing, especially in what has become an ever-busy world. Being amongst nature helps to reduce the negative impact of our modern, fast-paced lives and creates positive ripples on the climate and natural environment, thus the concept of Urban Leaf was born combining our love of nature with that of our homes.


Our long term vision

is for us to surround ourselves with nature in an effort to become happier and healthier. Hence our mantra –

A greener life for you.


Our mission

is to enhance your living environment and to transform your home into a sanctuary, so that you can enjoy all the calming benefits that being around greenery offers. We have sourced the best quality and uniquely designed home décor and plant products for you.


Urban Leaf  -  a lifestyle, a philosophy, and a community for home and nature lovers. We look forward to walking the green path with you.


The team from Urban Leaf


We are here to help and would love to hear from you.

You can email us at hello@urbanleaf.co.nz or contact us through our website.