About Us

Welcome to Urban Leaf, your premier destination for plant stands, plant shelves, floating shelves and plant propagation stations here in New Zealand. As a local e-commerce store based in New Zealand, we take pride in delivering our exceptional range of planters throughout New Zealand and Australia. 

To ensure fast shipping and a great customer experience, most of our products are delivered from our local warehouse in New Zealand.


Our story

At Urban Leaf, we understand the profound impact of nature on our well-being, particularly in today's fast-paced world. As we reflect upon the uncertainties of recent years, we recognize the importance of creating a harmonious living environment. 


It has become clear to us the importance that nature plays on our wellbeing, especially in what has become an ever-busy world. Being amongst nature helps to reduce the negative impact of our modern, fast-paced lives and creates positive ripples on the climate and natural environment. Thus, the concept of Urban Leaf was born, combining our love of nature with our love for our homes.


Our Mission

We are here to enhance your home by offering the best planters and shelves in New Zealand and Australia. Our uniquely designed products will transform your space into a garden sanctuary.

To achieve our goal, we curate a diverse range of planters & shelves, carefully selected for their superior quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. With Urban Leaf, you can find the perfect planters to complement your house plants, elevating your living space and bringing nature indoors.

Thank you for all your support and trust. We will continue challenging ourselves in order to provide better products and services.

Urban Leaf  -  a lifestyle, a philosophy, and a community for home and nature lovers. We look forward to walking the green path with you.

The team from Urban Leaf

For any enquiries or feedback, please feel free to email us at hello@urbanleaf.co.nz , or contact us via our Facebook or Instagram.